Fifteenth International Water Technology Conference 2011
Alexandria, EGYPT, MAY 28-30, 2011






Friday – May 27th,2011


18:00 – 20:00 Registration at Helnan Palestine Hotel


Saturday – May 28th, 2011


09:00 – 20:00 Registration at Helnan Palestine Hotel

10:00 – 11:00 Opening Ceremonies & Exhibition Opening

11:00 – 11:30 Coffee Break

11:30 – 12:30 Plenary Session (I):
– “Water Scarcity from Global Perspective. From where to go?” Magdy Abou Rayan – IWTA
– “European research funding for MENA countries”
Thomas Ammerl, Andrea Reiter and Ralf Ludwig – Bavarian Research Alliance and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitaet, Germany

12:30 – 13:30 Technical Sessions (1), (2), (3)

13:30 – 15:30 Technical Sessions (4), (5), (6)

15:30 – 16:30 Coffee Break

16:30 – 18:30 Technical Sessions (7), (8)

20:30 –––––– Dinner



Sunday – May 29th, 2011


09:00 – 09:30 Plenary Session(II)
“Geologic storage of carbon dioxide to mitigate water resources changes resulting from global warming”
Yousif K. Kharaka and Michael D. Dettinger- USGS USA

09:30 – 11:30 Technical Sessions (9), (10), (11)

11:30 – 12:00 Plenary Session (III): “Water Treatment Technologies”
Nobert Dichtl – Technische Universität Braunschweig, Germany

12:00 – 12:30 Coffee Break

12:30 – 14:30 Technical Sessions (12) , (13) , (14)

14:30 – 15:00 Coffee Break

15:00 – 17:00 Technical Sessions (15) , (16) , (17)

17:00 – 18:00
Election of the new board of the International Water Technology Association IWTA

20:30 –––––– Dinner



Monday – 30th, 2011


09:00 – 11:00 Prospects of International Scientific co-operation Workshop

09:00 – 11:00 Technical Sessions (18) , (19)

11:00 – 11:30 Cofee Break

11:30 – 13:30 Technical Sessions (20) , (21) , (22)

13:30 – 15:30 Technical Session (23)

14:00 – 17:00 CLIMB Stakeholder Meeting Workshop (including 30 ‘. break)

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break

17:00 – 17:30 Closing ceremony & Press Conference17:30 – 18:00 Organizing Committee meeting & Announcement of IWTC16

20:30 –––––– Dinner

TECHNICAL SESSIONS======================================================Session 1GROUNDWATER FLOW AND CONTAMINATION: HYDEO INFORMATICS (GW)Saturday –  May 28th, 2011                        12:30 – 13:30“Hydroinformatic and water resources management”El Mansouri B.

University Ibn Tofail, Kenitra, Morocco



“Assessment Of Groundwater Resources In Northeastern Sinai Peninsula Constrained By Mathematical Modeling Techniques.”

M. A. El Samanoudi1, G. S. Ebid2,Nabil N. Rofail2, Y. L. Ismail3, S. A. F. Hawash3

1 Ain Shams University,Egypt

2 Desert Research Center,Egypt

3 National Water Research Center,Egypt


“General Numerical tools for water management applied to Gharb basin (Morocco)”

Mridekh A., Mansouri A., El Mansouri B., Kili M., Chao J.,& Echerfaoui H.

Université Moulay Ismail ,Morocco


Session 2


Industrial Water Treatment (IW)

“Removal of Fluoride from Water Using -Low-Cost Materials”

C.M.Vivek Vardhan1 and J.Karthikeyan2

1 Sri Venkateswara University,India

2 Tamil Nadu Agricultural University,India

“The Wealth In Brewery Effluent – Water And Nutrient Recovery Using Alternative Technologies”

Jones CLW, Britz P, Davies MTT, Scheepers R, Cilliers A and Crous L

Rhodes University,South Africa


Session 3

Erosion, Scour & Sediment Transport (ES) Maintenance and  Rehalibation of Hydraulic Structures(MS)


“Protection Of Open Channels From Sand Dunes Movements (Case Study – Toshka Project)”

M. S. Abdelmoaty, H. M. Ibrahim, and Tarek A. El Samman

National Water Research  Center,Egypt

“Response Of River Nile Dredging On Water Levels”

Sherine S. Ismail, Magdy G. Samuel

Nile Research Institute, Egypt


Session 4

Insturmentation and Measurnent (IM)

“Estimation Of Hydraulic Conductivity In A Large Scale Laboratory Model By Means Of The Self-Potential Method “

S. Straface1,2 E. Rizzo2, V. Gianpaolo2 and F. Chidichimo1

1 Dipartimento Difesa del Suolo; Università della Calabria, Rende (CS),Italy

2 Hydrogeophysics Laboratory; CNR-IMAA, Marsico Nuovo (PZ),Italy

“Applications Of Ground Penetrating Radar And Microwave Tomography In Water Monitoring And Management”

F. Soldovieri1, L. Crocco1, A. Brancaccio2, R. Solimene2 and R. Persico3

1 Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment, CNR-IREA,Italy

2 University of Naples, Italy

3 Institute for Archaeological and Monumental Heritage, Italy

“Electrical Resistivity Tomography For Coastal Salt Water Intrusion Characterization Along The Ionian Coast Of Basilicata Region(Southern Italy)”

Satriani A., Loperte A., Proto M.

Institute of Methodologies for Environmental Analysis – CNR, Italy

“High Resolution Hydrogeophysical Imaging And Characterisation”

J. van der Kruk1, A. Klotzsche1, F. Lavoué1, G.A. Meles2, A. Mester1, R.W. Jacob3, J.A. Doetsch2, N. Linde4, H. Maurer2, A.G. Green2, and H. Vereecken1

1 Research Center Jülich, Germany

2 ETH Zürich,Switzerland

3 Bucknell University,USA

4 University Lausanne,Switzerland


Session 5

Water Management , Control and Regulation (WM)

“Geodesy And Geotechnical Assessments For Improving El-Zayat Drainage Lake”

Nahed E. Marei, Hala M. Ebaid, Magdy M. Hosny

Survey Research Institute,Egypt


“Impact Of Future Discharges On Damietta Branch Morphology”

Abdel-Azim M. Negm¹, Tarek M.Abdel-Aziz², Mohamed N. Salem1 and Wessam Yousef3

1 Zagazig University, Egypt

2 National Water Research Center, Egypt

3 Ministry of Housing, Utilitie,Egypt

Implicit Numerical Scheme For Regulating Unsteady Flow In Open Channel “

Mohamed. T. Shamaa1 and Hmida M. Karkuri2

1 Mansoura University,Egypt

2 College of Technical Engineering,Libya


Session 6

Desalination Technology  (DT) (A)

“Optimizing Of A Beach Well Design For Reverse Osmosis Water Harvisting”

A. Al-Khalid, M. Al-Senafy and K. Al-Fahad

Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research,Kuwait



Session 7

New Trends in Technologies (NT)

“Native Plant Establishment In Late Summer”

Joseph Paternoster and Heidi Lynn Lechner

DriWater Inc,USA

Membrane Systems for Water Production from Surface Water

Pall Corporation,Egypt

Integratedand Mobile Membrane Systems for Desalination

Pall Corporation,Egypt

ABB Solution for Water Applications

ABB Power Systems & Automation Technology S.A.E ,Egypt

Solutions for water & wastewater industry

Inter-Tech. Innovative Engineering Solutions Co.,Egypt

Enterprises resource planning and preventive maintenance optimization for water and wastewater plants (GOBIC)

International Consultant Office,Egypt

Advances of pump manufacturing in Egypt

Hossam Farid, Alweiler Farid, Egypt

“Applying Sprinkling Irrigation on Old Egyptian Farm Land as a Response to Water Shortage Problems in Egypt”

Mazen Mostafa , UTCI Regional Representative, Coordinator of UTCI/Valmont Cooperation Research Project,Egypt


Session 8

Artificial Recharge of Aquifers (AR)

“Reactive Transport Induced By Aquifer Recharge Management Using Treated Wastewaters”

M. Azaroual, M. Pettenati, N. Croiset, J. Casanova, K. Besnard, N. Rampnoux

BRGM, Groundwater Division France

“The use of GIS technologyin water resources development: the case of artificial recharge of aquifers”

El Mansouri B., Kili M., Chao J, Echerfaoui H and Mridekh A.

University Ibn Tofail, Kenitraو Morocco

“Impact of flash floods on the hydrogeological aquifer system at Delta Wadi El-Arish (North Sinai)”

Shawki S. Hassan

PhD. Researcher Water Resources Research Institute (WRRI), (NWRC), Egypt


Session 9

Water Resources Integrated Management (WR)

“Augmenting Short Hydrological Records To Improve Water Resources Studies”

Zeyad S. Tarawneh

The Hashemite University,Jordan

“Towards a Lake Nasser management plan: results of a pilot test on integrated water resources management”

S. S. Zaghloul11, N. Pacini2, Karl Schwaiger3, Pierre Henry de Villeneuve4

1National Water Research Center, Egypt

2University of Calabria,Italy

3 International Water Policy, Ministry of Environment,Austria

4Office International de l’EauFrance

“Effect of new upper Nile projects on the lntegrated management of the basin: review and methodology”

Sayed M. Ramadan, Abdelazim M. Negm and Talaat M. Owais

Zagazig University,Egypt


Session 10

GIS and Remote Sensing Applications (GS)

“Satellite monitoring of water resources in Turkmenistan”

Andrey G. Kostianoy1, Sergey A. Lebedev2, Dmytro M. Solovyov3

1 P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, RAS,Russia

2 Geophysical Center, RAS,Russia

3 Marine Hydro-physical Institute, Sevastopol,Ukraine


” Current flood mapping capabilities using synergies from radar altimetry and modis multi satellite imagery and the need for a SWOT mission”

Jean-François Crétaux, Philippe Maisongrande, Muriel Bergé-Nguyen , Mélanie Becker, and Stephane Calmant

LEGOS – CNES, France

“A Completely Remote-Sensing-Based Approach To Monitoring Reservoirs Water Volume”

Ron Abileah1 and Stefano Vignudelli2

1 J Omegak, San Carlos CA, USA

2 National Research Council,Italy

“SMOS: Almost 2 Years In Orbit, First Results And Successes”


Centre d’Etudes Spatiales de la BIOsphère CESBIO (CNES/CNRS/UPS/IRD), France


Session 11

Desalination Technology (DT) (B)

“Technical Design Of Solar Thermal Unit To Drive Msf Desalination Plant”

Medhat M. Sorour, Hassan E. S. Fath and Mostafa M. Zaytoun

Alexandria University Egypt</