International Water Technology Conference


21st  International Water Technology Conference

Ismailia, Egypt

28-30  June 2018

     The International Water Technology Conference (IWTC) brings together Experts, Researchers, Equipment Manufacturers and Consultants, in order to discuss the latest state of the art in the field of water and waste-water technologies. After seventeen years of success, the Conference now aims at collecting all the multidisciplinary expertise that converge into the assessment, management and control of human-hydrological systems.

     In fact,International Water Technology Conference (IWTC) offers a broad range of topics, covering different phases of the water cycle and the related knowledge, and wants to stimulate the interaction between experts having different backgrounds, including service providers and stakeholders. Due to the high impact of our activities on general water security concerns, attention will be given to water policies, regulations and emerging water security issues.The event can also be seen as an excellent trade opportunity, since most participants will be potential users and providers of equipment and services. As in the past issues of IWTC, the exhibition will offer a great opportunity to showcase activities and trends in the field of water industry.


Conference Topics

Hydrology and Water ResourcesGroundwater Flow, Hydraulics and Hydraulic Structures, Water Treatment Technology, Agricultural Water issues,Hydroinformatics, Desalination and Nano Technology approach


Invited Speakers

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Acceptance rate: 45% in average






Who should attend?

This 3 days conference  is aimed at a wide range of water practitioners and professionals
-from governments, local and global water companies, consultants and equipment suppliers.

Top 4 Reasons to Attend

  • Learn about the latest innovations and technologies
  • Hear from and exchange knowledge and ideas with highly regarded professionals
  • Great networking opportunities.
  • Being in touch with the new trends in technology

The contributions will be published in the conference proceedings. some selected contributions will be published in IWTJ ( ISPN (print) :2090-5432   –  ISSN (online) :2090-5440).

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